Double Irony of Fate

Why do people always get in touch with us in the busiests moments
And then they vanish without a trace when we need them the most?

Why do we come up with thousands of ideas for activities while having no time for any
And then run out of ideas while being overwhelmed by our free time?

Why are we bedridden on the days when we crave to go out and stop thinking
And why are we always on the go when we wish to slow down and think for a while?

Why are¬†we always affected¬†by people that hurt us the most or don’t care at all
And meanwhile we totally ignore those who would do everything for us?

Why do we underestimate things that we surely possess
And overestimate those that we are about to loose or which we’ve never had?

Because at the end of the day every cloud has a silver lining
And we are grateful to each struggle for making us wiser and stronger.



Hello, my dream…

Would you mind introducing yourself? I’m incredibly curious about you. Where do you come from? I bet you do not wander aimlessly.

Nobody is faceless nowadays. Could it perhaps be that you’re the involuntary envoy of my mind? From those… you know, the most closely guarded recesses? The ones that I do not want to confess to?

Do not insist on being anybody’s guess. One could mistake you for somebody else… Namely a mix of random, insignificant elements that accidentally appear in sleep… You wouldn’t like to be denuded of your sublimity, would you?

You are such a sealed book to me… Why don’t you lift the veil of secrecy and let me flick you through, page by page? I wish to research into your expectations, comprehend your mission. You intrigue me.

Just as people and events from the images you create – they are astonishing, puzzling, different… Only me tends to be the same, with familiar mindset, all my doubts, worries and innermost wishes.

You know me backwards and forwards. What if you decode everything all around as infallibly? I earnestly hope you play ball with me.

Share your wisdom, I beg you, and teach me to understand. Or if not, just go away and leave my anxious mind in peace.