Ripped to Shreds

Sometimes it’s the only stimulus to endure.
Just don’t be silent for too long…
Tomorrow I’ll be so lonely on my own.
Please keep me company
But remember to leave just on time
To give me some space to breathe
To plan the audacious conquest of the world

I’ll miss you all being brave
So please support me when I get back, exhausted
Just don’t become attached on no account
Watch out, you could scare me to death!
I got stressed out, so hug me closely
But then walk away, so I could be my true self
No, I don’t know her yet, why?

She seems a little bit lost
It’s hard to be on a roll all by yourself
Why are the people so fickle?
The desire to discover turns into the mortal sin
My youthful mistakes come so very mature
I’ll surely get where I belong
I can manage following the map ripped to shreds.



Calming down slowly…
Starting to understand that less is more
Not everything needs to be said.

That’s a blessing
My silhouette becomes visible again
Persistent water on a mirror evaporates.

And first of all
I do not care so much already
Thanks God for a short memory.

I could even believe
It will all sort itself out in the end
I just need a day off.

Let’s Dance

It sounds.
You glance.
I smile.
We dance.

We express.
You lead.
I follow.
Breaths speed.

You gently touch.
It gives me thrill.
We open up.
Becoming real.

Few intense moments.
They gave us a wealth.
You are reborn.
I am myself.