This is what could dare to compare itself to this feeling
Of feeling lost within yourself
Feeling unable to bear anything more

When you become a defenceless victim of this life
Having to leave your bed sometimes
Having to do anything at all

And you feel like your own, personal tormentor
doing things that make you able to live
Which is the last thing you are eager to

Somebody keep asking what disaster you encountered
Believing you need to have a reason
He should be grateful for incomprehension

You know the reason is locked somewhere inside
But nobody has ever reached so deeply
To grab it firmly and wrest out of you

What if it is an inseparable part of yourself?
Which makes you precious and respected
While being just a little unbridled

Happily it is possible to tame the inner demon
I just will devote some more time to it
As it starts to misbehave once again